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Bulk Yard

Bin Rental

Our bulk products are available to contractors as well as the public. These products are available for pick up or delivery. We deliver by the truck load (measured in yards) or by one ton bags. We also rent sod installers for big roll sod.

When purchasing sod there is a price break at 55 yards and above. Keep this in mind when purchasing for your projects.

We also carry a variety of cedar mulch. The advantage to using cedar mulch on your property is that it helps to control ant and other insect infestation.

 Here is a list of bulk products we have available:

  • Fresh cut sod daily (Big Roll and Small Roll)

  • Topsoil

  • Screened Topsoil

  • Compost

  • Potting Soil

  • Dyed Black Cedar Mulch

  • Natural Cedar Mulch

  • Brown Mulch

  • River Rock (2')

  • Cut Island Stone

  • Class A Gravel (3/4")

  • Drainage Gravel (1 1/4")

  • Rock Dust

  • Boulder Stone

For a more in depth look at these products visit our:





Calculating your Product


Here's how to calculate how much product you will need for your next outdoor project.

Bulk Yard Materials: LxWxH (in feet) of the area you would like to cover divided by 27 = cubic yards.

Sod: LxW divided by 9 = square yards.

In the case of sod always add 5 to 10% of extra material to account for contouring and cutting in around obstacles such as trees, flower beds, etc.

A pallet of small roll sod is 70 square yards. This equals: 630 square feet or 84 square meters.


A single big roll is 25 square yards. This equals: 75 square feet or 25 square meters

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Our one and two yard bins are a great way to remove organic waste from your property quickly and easily. We offer daily and weekly rental rates. Clean up those old flower beds by pruning and edging. Throw all that waste into one of our bins and have it removed by one of our expert staff. No more ugly and torn paper bags sitting at the end of the lane way waiting to be picked up. Have the waste removed by us and don't worry about dragging it all to the curb side.

Call or email for a quote today! 

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