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- Small Roll

- Big Roll

- Paletized Delivery

- Big Roll Installer

Our sod is all high quality Kentucky Bluegrass. Whether you're a landscaper yourself or a retail customer our trained staff is available to install. With both pick up and delivery options the choice is yours. We offer our sod in two different sizes:

Small Roll Sod

Small roll comes on a pallet and a full pallet of small roll sod is a total of 70 square yards. Which is 630 square feet or 84 square meters. A single small roll measures 6 1/2 feet by 16 inches.

Big Roll Sod

A single big roll is 25 square yards. Which is 225 square feet.


Along with the big roll we also have sod installers available. We offer a quick attach for a skid steer or a three point hitch attachment for a tractor.

Sod: Length x Width (in feet) divided by 9 = square yards.

In the case of sod always add 5 to 10% of extra material to account for contouring and cutting in around obstacles such as trees, flower beds, walkways, etc.

Big Roll Installer

We have two types of big roll installers. One of them in in the form of a quick attach for a skid steer. The other is a three point hitch attachment for the back of a tractor. These are available upon booking with any order of Big Roll Sod.


- Midnight Black Cedar

- Dyed Black Cedar

- Natural Brown

- Brown Mulch


Island Grown Sod's Bulk Yard is always fully stocked with four different types of mulch. All types are available for pick up or delivery. Cedar mulch has shown the ability to deter cinch bug and white grub in the soil. 

As well as earwigs and some other insects. Our one ton bags are a perfect way to minimize mess on your lawn or in the driveway. 

Midnight Black Cedar - 100% died black cedar product. Stays black and fresh looking all summer long. Used around trees and shrub beds.

Dyed Black Cedar - 10-20% cedar and spruce products with some compostable materials mixed in. This product looks great all summer. Also has the ability to lightly pack to prevent being blown around. Great for wide open and windy areas. 

Natural Brown Cedar - 100% cedar mulch. With it's natural color it is great for tree lines and tree beds. This helps to break up color in a large landscape.

Brown Mulch - Shredded mulch that has been composed to give a black look when wet and a browner color when dry. It's a great mulch if you don't want the died black look an off set look to other parts of your landscape. This mulch is not as formal looking as the Dyed Black Mulch.

Gravel and Stone

- Class A

- Drainage

- River Rock

- Rock Dust

- Island Stone 

Gravel and Stone is as much a part of landscaping as soil and sod. Island Stone is a great focal point for a flower bed or water feature. We also do slate steps and walk ways and have all the material in stock to complete the job.

Class A Gravel - Available in the Bulk Yard this is a 3/4" gravel. Great for building a base for a driveway of walkway. 

Drainage Gravel - Larger gravel at 1 1/4". Used primarily for drainage behind retaining walls and in French drains.  

River Rock - A 2"  +/-  or  a 4" +/- stone mixture looks great in a rock garden or water feature. Also great for shrub beds.

Rock Dust - Packs really well when you want to create a final base for pavers or wallstones in retaining walls. Best material to adjust your grade and create the best contour.

Island Boulder Stone - In all shapes and sizes we can supply and install for landscape beds or personalized property marker.

Soils and Compost

- Topsoil 

- Screened Topsoil

- Compost

- Garden Soil

Whether it's a new lawn, flower bed or just some lawn maintenance you will need quality topsoil. 

Topsoil - Unscreened topsoil is a great lawn and bed builder. Because the smaller rocks in the soil move with the frost is creates a natural aeration effect. 1" screened topsoil doesn't have this ability. 

Screened Topsoil - This soil is great for beds, planting and filling in areas in your lawn. It is free of larger rocks and debris. Screened topsoil has the ability to pack when spread at a thick rate (Example: 3").

Compost - Our most popular compost we carry is the mushroom compost. This compost has been heated 180 degrees to eliminate disease and insect problems. Great product to build up soil in beds or a mixing product for planting landscape products.

Garden Soil - A 50/50 mix of compost and screened topsoil. Great for the flower bed, garden or also used as potting soil.


- Sod Delivery

- 1-Ton Bags

- Bulk Delivery

- Bin Rentals

Delivery is a big part of what we do at Island Grown Sod. All of our products are available for pick-up or delivery Island wide. 

Sod Delivery - Small Roll Sod is delivered on pallets. Big Roll sits right on the deck of the truck. In both cases we travel with a forklift so we can unload the sod and place it wherever you need it on your property. 

Bulk Materials in 1-Ton Bags - These bags can be delivered right to your job site and there's no dumping product in the driveway or the lawn. The bag is yours to keep so there's no rush to empty it and get it back to us. Everything in our Bulk Yard is available in these bags. Delivered in our 5 ton curtain side truck equipped with it's own forklift; we can place the bag anywhere you need it.

Bulk Delivery - Our delivery methods include 1-ton trucks, 3 ton trucks, 5 ton dump truck, and tractor trailers. No matter the amount of material or product that you require we are equipped to deliver it to you quickly and efficiently.

Bin Rentals - These bins are great for doing your own clean up around the yard. We will drop the bin off at your property and you can fill it with any organic matter you like. Clean out the flower beds, clean up those old piles of grass clippings or the brush and branches you've trimmed off your trees. Throw it all in the bin and have our team pick it up and just like that all that mess is gone. No messy piles in the yard or old paper bags sitting at the end of the lane.

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